Today Is a Army Day.

Both the old and the young are fond of dancing, as it is a magic world which unites one’s spirit and body. It becomes a soaring due to the professional dancing master, who works very hard, do their best to teach their pupils dancing, and thanks to this selfless work they are able to protect national dances, to produce them and transfer from one generation to another.

Among many famous professional dancing masters we can mention the name of Ghukas Ghukasyan who is a remarkable teacher, he has accumulated a great experience in this sphere, and has been the price winner in many international festivals.

In 1995 he established the ensemble “Zartonk”, and later he also founded a dancing school for children (from 4 to 18). During that hard period two other great dancing masters Gagik Mkrtchyan and Mamikon Miqayelyan helped him a lot.


Since 1995 the ensemble has been accepted into the National Chorographical Union of Armenia.

Ghukas Ghukasyan is one of those faithful people, who, up to now, has been devoted to the idea of the Union, and has always taken part in all festivals, this ensemble has been abroad for many times, has taken part in many international festivals and has been able to produce Armenia art of dancing.


Children can be admitted to this dancing school at the age of four (up to 18). There are 6 training groups in this school, later the best dancers are included in the Dance Ensemble “Zartonk”.

A lot of pupils leaving this dancing school, continued their education at the University, and now they are dancers in such state ensemble as “Barekamutyun”, “Pari Petakan”, “Berd” and so on.

Ensemble “Zartonk” produces not only Armenian national dances but also international dances.

This Ensemble is rather popular in our Republic.

On January 27, 28, 29 dance esemble “Zartonk” will have concerts in honour of the anniversary of the Army.
The Head of the ensemble “Zartonk” Ghukas Ghukasyan.


Those who want to enter this school may apply from the age of 4. There they will be taught both Armenian national dances and also dances of other nations. The admittance begins from the 1st of September and lasts till 20 of September.

Dancing groups are performed according to the age of pupils. This centre pays a great attention to classical dancing, which is considered to be the basis of the art of dancing. So, classical dancing is also taught here from the 3rd grade.

Tel.: 010 34 24 00

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